Coworking Built With Creativity in Mind

The Gelb Bldg. seeks to assemble and support a diverse collection of creative minds under one roof in the University District of Seattle. The space provides a template for productivity and collaboration in a central location at an affordable rate. Whether you work with video, design, words, or anything beyond or between, we want to create a place where your creativity can flourish.

The mission of The Gelb Bldg. is simple: to foster the health and cohesion of the Seattle arts scene with a community-focused coworking space.


Flooded with natural light, the offices in The Gelb Bldg. offer simplistic utilitarian appeal. Spread out across an expansive handmade desk or take advantage of bar seating to get on your feet. Plants are abundant, and ready to befriend you.

Common Room

Featuring a custom-made ten-foot wooden table and lounge area, the common room is the perfect place for a meal or coffee break with your fellow Gelb-ians.

Photo Studio

Take advantage of the abundant natural light or black out the windows, set up against our white seamless, and bring a new level of quality to your photographs.


Great for tinkering with a prototype or generating anything Three-Dimensional. Tools and a work bench are available, now you just need to set up your Kickstarter.

Conference Room

Whether meeting with clients or participating in a group brainstorming session, this space fosters great ideas. Jot down your thoughts on the whiteboard so you don’t lose a single one.


Full coffee-brewing, toast-making, and microwaving capabilities for your breakfast, lunch, dinner (and all-nighter snack) needs.

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